6 Misleading Thoughts of Cougar Dating

Cougar Dating SitesEverything in this world has some myth attached to it. Being a Dating Coach, I have been asked a lot of questions from my clients regarding cougar dating, the questions that I believe shouldn’t exist in the first place. These myths make the couple feel insecure. Hence, I decided to dispel the most common myths about Cougar Dating for those men out there who love dating older women and vice-versa.

  • 1. Cougars Are Ruthless Exploiters

    This is the picture of a cougar in everyone's mind, where they feel that these old women are unstoppable predators who wake up every morning to find a way to hunt down yet another young man. For the world, cougars are mindless beasts who have only one thing in their mind. In fact, they are thought to be incapable of real emotions or anything that happens in a normal dating life.

    Nothing is close to the actual truth here. Cougars are just ordinary women who lead normal lives, with general goals and simple dreams. The only difference is that they are much more open to certain experiences as compared to the other women. Moreover, they are not the ones who approach the men; it is the young men who approach them mostly on cougar dating sites.

  • 2. Their Social Circles Are Incompatible

    Another common belief is that a cougar and her younger man are not able to enjoy the perfect blending of both their social circles. This is not true! It is always difficult to bring any two social circles together, regardless of age. Anyways, if someone doesn't support this kind of relationship and would talk ill about it, why should that person exist in the social circle at all? Everyone socializes irrespective of their age limit.

  • 3. The Younger Man Will Eventually Cheat

    To understand this popular myth that is completely untrue, we would need to think about infidelity as a concept. Infidelity has nothing to do with the person's age or status. It is a matter of respect, or more precisely the lack of it. And as it is well-known that respect has nothing to do with age. If a younger man cheats on his older woman lover, it is not due to his age. The younger man cheats in a cougar dating relationship because he cheats. He would do the same with a woman of his age.

  • 4. One of Them Will Get Bored

    If you have a conversation with someone who has qualms regarding cougar dating and ask what is their problem, they would often tell you that these relationships would get doomed someday since one of them is bound to get bored. It might be older women dating younger men who would get tired of the fleeting interests and shallowness of their partner, or younger men who might begin falling for a younger woman. No one can decide this out of the air. It doesn't matter what age you are in, if you are in love, you stay in love. A Cougar dating relationship is the same as any other relationship.

  • 5. Families Do Not Accept These Types of Relationships

    One of the main allegories is that the families of both would not accept the relationship. People feel that the children of the Cougar are supposed to hate the new partner forever and that the man's family is supposed to take the older woman as an enemy, who wants to destroy their son's life. Once again, this rumor has nothing to do with reality. Everyone's family wants the best for their child. If they feel that the other person is making us happier, they will accept them no matter what.

  • 6. It’s All A Big Fetish

    This is a myth that is just much more than a myth, an ill-meaning, and a vicious lie. In fact, people feel that they are just horny and hence they indulge into a cougar dating relationship. This is a lie! Anyone can be attracted to anyone and anytime. Aren't horny young people dating other horny young people? Again, age has nothing to do with a person's character.

Overall, cougar dating is all about having fun, discovering new passions, meeting new people, and falling in love. It is just like any other type of dating!

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