How Popular is Cougar Dating Now?

Cougar dating is all about older women dating younger men and younger men becoming interested in older women. The dating has become very popular in the society and it seems to have been accepted by the society. Older women now openly date younger men and the young men date older women without feeling any form of embarrassment. It is dating that is guided by matter of individual preferences and gone are the days when it was harshly condemned.

The truth about this kind of dating is that it may never lead to any serious commitments like marriage and both parties understand this all too well. The older women like the younger men for a number of reasons and the young men also love older women for varying reasons. It's the kind of dating that has a win-win result in the end. Meeting older women have been made easy by cougar dating sites. As a young man, tomeet older women all you have to do is sign up with a good site and create a profile and you can go through profiles too to make your selection. But what has really made cougar dating so popular?

Why older women prefer young men

There are a number of reasons as to why cougar dating has become very popular among older women and they include the following;

  • • The younger men are energetic and full of life thus they make older women feel younger too
  • • The men put in efforts to please and impress older women and this is something they love. They will put in efforts not just to impress and prove they are worth her attention, but also in the bedroom just to please her.
  • • Younger men have no problem hanging out in the woman’s home and this makes her feel in control since she is able to spend more time at her place.
  • • The younger men motivate older women to stay in shape and bring out their lost femininity.
  • • They are flexible and willing to make changes when the women need them.

Why younger men prefer older women

Cougar dating is all a matter of preference and the young men are not forced into dating and neither are the older women. And just like women, there are a number of reasons why younger men prefer older women among them being:

  • • Older women are low maintenance; they have everything they need and will rarely depend on the men for their upkeep.
  • • Older women make great life teachers because they have gone through all kinds of experiences.
  • • They know what they want when it comes to sex and can take the lead with no problems at all.
  • • They are not demanding and emotional, but rather remain in control.
  • • Older women have connections that could be useful to the younger men, especially in advancing their careers.

Cougar dating is not about to end, in fact it will only become more and more accepted in the society.

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