How to Get The Ideal Gift For Your Cougar?

Cougar Dating SitesSo, now that you have got a yes from the lady you found on one of the cougar dating sites, what is the next step of it? Have you had your first date? Well, as you get ready for the night out with her, and you are thinking about the dress to wear and the cologne to put on, you need to give a little consideration to getting her a gift. It would be an impressive touch when you meet her and might even draw her more closer to you. Though they are younger women or older women, all of them love a little surprise gift every now and then. Here are some gift ideas, but before that, have a look at some rules you must keep in mind while choosing the gift:

  • Do not be sleazy and cheap, but do not overdo it either.

  • No cheeky presents or sex toys on the first date.

  • Choose by her preference and taste, not your own.


If you think that what a stupid idea this is, then well, flowers are something that every lady loves. So, even if you are into dating older women, a flower is the best thing you can offer her. It symbolizes the perfect combination of femininity, sensuality, grace, and modesty. Moreover, each type and color of the flower have different significance. You can ask the florist about it and choose according to the message you want to pass on to your date. Furthermore, a perfect bouquet comes between cheap and expensive, where your gesture would not be creepy or exaggerated.


It doesn't matter if the woman you are with who you met on one of the cougar dating sites is not a book reader. A book is a great gift since it makes you seem as an educated, smart and classy man that is sure to impress her. Moreover, it can be a topic for discussion over coffee or a few glasses of wine.


This is another classic gift where Chocolate just never gets old. And one reason is that it is very delicious. If you are still not sure about what would impress her ultimately, then get her a bar of chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate! Older women are also a fan of chocolates as much as the younger women are. It wouldn't be a bad choice unless she has diabetes, which still would impress her a bit. The important part here is the selection of the chocolate. You can't just get any chocolate; it needs to be a box of assorted chocolates. This is so that if there is any flavor she doesn't like, she can be happy with the rest of it.


Never try to buy clothes for your cougar unless you have been in the cougar dating the older women for some time now so that you know her size and style. But you can go ahead with buying her accessories. They are inexpensive, discreet and a perfect welcome gift. Go for a nice pair of earrings, bracelet, a choker or a belt, or even a pendant. But do not buy rings, since there are chances that she might freak out. If you are not sure about the material, try to stick with silver, titanium or white gold for a really great piece. You can also try the porcelain, mother-of-pearl and the artisan glass for the material.

Concert or theater tickets

This is not only great for her, but for you as well where you both can enjoy it together. If it has been a while since you have been dating the cougar you met on one of the cougar dating sites, you might have an idea about what is her taste in music. Find out about the tour dates of her favorite musicians and check which theater is playing around you. Surprise her with the tickets of the front row to it. This would not only make her happy, but would also make her appreciate that you took time to learn about what she likes.

DIY gift basket

This idea is very cute and is likely to impress your cougar. All you need is an empty wicker basket which you can get from any store. Fill this with goodies like small treats, homemade jam jars, fancy snacks, chocolate and wine. You can also add fresh or dried flowers to it as well. Do everything that comes in your imagination for this and there is a guarantee that she would love it.

Use the ideas to impress the older women you date from the cougar dating sites!

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