How to make your family accept your cougar dating?

Cougar DatingTo begin with, I know it is tough when you are about to make your parents meet a person you are dating. And it gets highly impossible if you are dating a cougar or a person who is younger than you (as in, where you are the cougar). Cougar dating has taken a big step up in the dating world, but not everyone is comfortable with the idea of it, especially your family.

Being a Cougar myself, I love dating younger men a lot since they aren't a stress to the mind like the older men or the same aged ones. But when your parents do not accept the situation, that's when everything turns into hell. I didn’t care about what the world thinks, but it matters the most when you find out that your family is totally against you. What to do then? And how to make them accept this situation?

I was in this situation some time ago, where I had to tell my children and my mom about my relationship. At first, I felt a bit embarrassed thinking about what my children would think, but then I pulled my socks up and decided to confront them. And let them know that this is what I choose and I would be grateful if they accept it, appreciate it and support me. With a positive attitude, I went up to my family one evening after my work and introduced them to the cougar dating part of my life. Unfortunately, I was not apprehended by my family and even received negative comments from them. It did make me feel awful. But, that's when I decided to take some steps to make things work out. The steps are:

  • 1. Stand by your date – Though this point doesn't involve impressing your family, it is the first, and the foremost thing that you need to do after your family has given you a BIG NO! And that is what I did, I stood with my man and gave him all the hopes of making my family accept that I was into dating younger men. The reason a family doesn't accept your date is not that he is not personally a good person. It is mainly because of the social misconceptions and prejudice. Keeping this in mind, I did not allow these things to harm my relationship. As much as it was troubling me, I knew that he too was being questioned about dating older women.

  • 2. Don’t Fight with Your Family – While you are trying not to abandon your partner, you also don't have to fight with your family or push them away. After all, they are family, and you need them to be close to you. Try to keep them calm as well and sort the things with love and care.

  • 3. Let Them Get to Know Your Partner – A lot of people make the mistake of hiding their relationship after the family has not approved it. How would they like her if they don't know her? What I began to do was that I took him on every alternate day home, so that my family could see what a wonderful man he is and how easily he can fit in. It is evident that at first, a cougar dating relationship is never appreciated. Time and patience along with the involvement of your partner in every family event and on regular days make a lot of difference. This lets your family get to know the person better and slowly and gradually; they would begin to love your partner. And that is just what happened in my case as well. My children were the first to love him after they started playing the video games together, as well as going for outings together.

  • 4. Reason With Them – If your family still doesn't approve it, sit down and talk it out with them. Give answers to the questions, find out ways to make them realize that this is what you want and it has every possibility to work. My partner's mom had asked if we would be able to give grandchildren, and I told her that if it is this important, I will try or adopt a child. I gave them every reason to accept the situation.

  • 5. And The Main Thing - "What Will People Say?” – This is the most common argument of every family while they disapprove of the cougar dating relationship. This type of dating is perceived as improper by the world. But People always talk! If they do not say this, they will find another reason to talk ill about someone. There is no way that we can protect ourselves from malicious tongues, even though we try a lot. Because if they want, they will always find something and there is no point worrying about it. I did the same, I explained my family, and hopefully, they apprehended my situation in the end.

Overall, try everything to make them understand without letting go of both your family and your partner.

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