Some Important Ideas for the First Date with a Cougar

Cougar Dating SitesSo, you have got the strength to ask the cougar you met on one of the best cougar dating sites for a proper date, and she has said yes. That is great, Congratulations! With the wish that you have one of the best times of your life, here are some of the first date activities that we would like to share with you. These are the ideas that cougars usually prefer, so it can help you get on with a perfect time with them. Moreover, these ideas are fail-proof, so there shouldn't be any worry or doubt in your mind about it.

  • Coffee

    Even though this idea is a basic one, but it is the best one as well. It is the most classic and simplest thing to give the relationship a kick start. To have a coffee on the first date is one of the best ways for you and the cougar so that you can easily get to know each other. This would also allow you to experience each other's physical company for the first time while you get a feel of it in a pressure-free and safe environment. Anyways, what is more simple and great than having the delicious hot beverage of coffee on your date? After the coffee date, you would know the person a bit more where, either you would be together or go your different ways. It is also a terrific icebreaker for the first date.

  • Drinks and Dinner

    This is another classic date where all you got to do is have some old drinks and a dinner date. Though this might also feel like a cliché, it is one of the famous and oldest ones for a reason. It is one thing that the cougar would love. So, younger men who take their first dates for dinner and drinks tend to win them faster. And a drink is the main thing to reduce the tension of the first date. Have a cocktail or two and chat for a while to be more relaxed with each other. You can have the drink anywhere, but do remember that the dinner part is imperative too. A fancy and nice restaurant is the best way to show your class and style. Bonding over some of the delicious food and wine has been popular for years.

  • Picnic

    If you are not a person who even in a cougar dating likes the coffee and dinner dates, you could try going for a picnic. It is much like the coffee date, just that it is in a much more natural way, with a more comfortable environment. That too if you love the nature. Moreover, it would be a better choice since you would be outside in the fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. But do plan carefully and perfectly for this date. Use a nice, clean blanket and a fancy basket with all the goodies in it. Do keep a bottle of wine or champagne in it too. Avoid paper plate and plastic cups, stick to china and glassware.

  • Concert or Theater

    Another way for younger men to impress their cougar with style and class is by taking them to a concert or play. The concert can be a music concert or an opera preferably. This idea can be combined with the dinner and drink idea since you wouldn't be able to communicate during the concert or play. But do make sure your cougar is in this or which type of music she enjoys. Don't take her to a place that she hates and end your cougar dating with a harsh first date.

  • Fair

    The fair can be fun as much as you feel it can be corny. There is no need to be solemn about it as well. You both can laugh at the time and just have fun. Find out if your cougar date would like to have rides in the amusement park before you buy the tickets. Not all the women love this like they did when they were kids but many still do. So be clear about it before you plan it.

  • Antiquing

    In older women dating, you can take the first date idea of antiquing since the old ladies love this. Though it may sound like a nasty stereotype, it is true. The ladies have more money as compared to the younger girls, and they spend it on beautiful things for their homes. Moreover, it is fun since it is entertaining as well as practical. Moreover,r you can learn about history as well as have a look at both home decor and furniture. Just don't let her feel as though you are bored, it would not give a good impression.

  • Museum

    Just like the antiquing, visiting a museum is a great entertainment for the women in a cougar dating relationship. You get to see new, beautiful things that are old and give you some knowledge. They also great for dates as they are public as well as you are alone with your date. This allows you to talk while you stroll around the halls, and get to know more about each other's tastes. Moreover, the cougar would be impressed that instead of a movie or dancing and drinks, you asked her for a date to a museum.

So, get into one of the best cougar dating sites and begin dating with a mature lady to show her these beautiful daters.

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