Why are Cougars Aiming More at The Young Male College Students?

There have been recent studies on the cougar dating sites that shed some light on the reasons why older women like younger men and more probably college boys more than older men. An average woman tends to fall for or contact a college student on the dating sites as compared to men who are just maybe five years younger or even ten years younger. Why is it this way? Why do older women get into the idea of online dating at all and mostly join the cougar dating sites rather than a normal dating site? The below main reasons would let you understand why does this happen:

1. There is something Scientific behind it – It is very simple! As a woman grows older, the fertility declines and a woman's body gets into the panicky survival mode. So, to ensure that a lady has the most chance to reproduce, the sex drive gets over-charged. While this happens, the same occurs in the college boy's body. They too look for something to reduce their drive as their maturity catches on them. That's where both the needs get satisfied. A cougar knows that this is the place she can calm herself easily and quickly.

2. They Take it easy – Another thing is that every college male wants casual sex, which is why they end up cheating on their girls and join older women dating sites. And older women are happily ready to provide casual sex to them.

3. The Excitement – Older women love younger college boys since they are still very energetic, and still enjoy discovering new things. Older men get into the routine existence since they have already discovered all they wanted to, making them boring.

4. Looks – It is obvious that younger boys look good and even stay fit. Older women take care of themselves as well and look for men who do the same. Old men unfortunately do not have nature on their side in this case.

5. The Good Feeling – The point that an older woman gets a big ego boost when she is romantically tied to a younger man. They are reminded that the young good looking guy prefers her over a younger woman. They also love the jealous looks of the older men and enjoy seeing the disapproving looks of those who scowl upon the age gap.

6. They are in the Driver’s Seat – Control is what a lady wants and the older woman who is dating a younger man is much more in control of the situation as compared to when she is dating a same aged or an older man. Even the younger men love to be mothered by their partner, which is why a lot join the cougar dating sites.

7. No Status Is Needed – The older men are still in the old world where they provide for the woman and feel that they own them, but that is not what the woman wants. Younger men find it impressive to be with a lady who wants to be with you and not needs to be with you. The same goes for the older women, which why they look for each other.

8. Not Meeting the Parents – Older women have made their decisions not to marry or have already been on that road, hence they are in no place to get a ring on their finger. Younger men too are not looking for a commitment too soon, which does not pressurize either of them.

9. The Power Of Knowledge – Another reason older women like the college boys is due to the feeling that they are much more experienced and have more knowledge than the boys. They become busy teaching the younger men the ways of the world.

10. Gravity – Most of the times, older women say that they never intended to go that way, but were gravitated towards that route and before they realized they were in a relationship with a college student or a member of an older women dating site.

Why older women get attracted 0to college boys easily has been a big discussion in every part of the society and there are many theories to it as well. But the main reasons have been listed above.